When to start shopping for your wedding dress

When to start shopping for your wedding dress. 

We are often asked when to start shopping for your wedding dress. Ideally I would recommend 7-10 months before your wedding date. However we do keep dresses in stock to purchase of the rack for the brides that don’t have as much time, as we are aware that not every bride has 7-10 months available to shop for a dress.

Why so long you might ask? Here are some reasons as to why we recommend this time frame:

  • Imported dresses take time to manufacture and arrive: Our imported designer dresses take 4-5 months to manufacture and arrive. We also have to take customs into account. Sometimes there is a hold up during the custom clearance process
  • Alterations needed to the dresses:  Most the dresses need to be altered to fit your body. It is in very rare circumstances that a dress is already 100% fitted to you. We like to start the alteration process around a month before the wedding, especially during our busier season.
  • Dresses being made locally: These generally need less time to get made. However we sometimes need extra time to source the perfect fabric. We will also need to do more fittings with you in order to get the dress perfect.
  • Other considerations: Getting your dresses sorted early will assist in one less thing to stress about.

Things to consider when dress shopping.

There are various things to keep in mind when shopping for your wedding dress, budget being an important one. Do your budget before you start shopping and be honest with yourself and your consultant. There is nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a dress only to realise you cannot afford it. Inform the people shopping with you of your budget and ask them to respect that, we often find bridesmaids insisting the bride fits dresses on, that are not in the price range, and they always say “just try it on for fun”, we get this so often, and in most cases the bride falls in love, and is disappointed when she cant afford it.

If you haven’t decided on a style, fit a few and see what works with your body. Often brides think a style will suit them ,but once they fit it, they find that something else looks better. And also some time brides think they wont suit a style but once they try it on they love it, so be open minded when shopping for your dress.

We don’t recommend taking too many people with you, as sometimes too many opinions can cause more confusion than help. Take a small group of close family or friends, people that will give you honest opinions but will respect that it is your day, and not try to run you down. Most our brides lately have come to the first fitting with 1-2 ladies (normally their mom), then once they have finalised the dress, or limited it to 1-2 dresses, then bring others for their opinions.

There are various factors to look out for when shopping for your dress:

  • Colours: Do you have a preference on colour: white, ivory, gold or are you open to adding other colours in.
  • Fabrics: Feel the different fabrics, a lot of ladies love bling, but once on that find it bothers them, or makes them red.
  • Train length: See what length you want your train, very long, no train at all.

Shopping for your dress should be a fun experience, however we do understand that is can be overwhelming at the same time. Take your time and enjoy the experience. If you unsure after your first fitting, make another appointment to come again. Do not try and fit too much in one fitting as you will find yourself confused.

There is no right or wrong, and if you fall in love with the first dress you fit, it is not uncommon, we often get this, and then the bride is confused, and feels she needs to fit more, which is also fine. Some brides find their dress after the first dress they put on; others take more time. https://www.weddingconnexion.co.za/branch