Getting your seating plan together

Getting your seating plan together

When to start getting your seating plan together – using a computer

Getting your seating plan together can be quite a task. Start typing your guests names into excel on one worksheet, once they’ve RSVP move them over to another worksheet. This way you can easily see who still needs to RSVP, give them an extra week then give them a call. Once you have all your RSVP’s in, start moving them over into table numbers starting with the most locally mixes of people, then work on the left over people. Remember there is nothing wrong if some tables have a different amount work on tables of 8, 9 and 10. No one will notice that some tables have more or less.

Main Table

A traditional head table is not round, but rather a long and straight table. Usually the bride and groom sit in the middle with the bride’s parents next to her and the groom’s parents next to him. Some main tables include the bridesmaids and grooms men

It is also becoming common to have a sweetheart table that only the bride and groom sit at.

Family /Friends Tension

Most families have members that may not exactly see eye to eye, or perhaps haven’t spoken to each other in the last few years. Naturally you will want to try and keep them apart from each other, so you may want to think about this when you do your seating plans


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