Choosing a Wedding venue which is right for you

Choosing a venue

Choosing your venue can prove to be very time consuming and exhausting. This can also be a very exciting time of your planning.

You can save hours of time and frustration though if using a wedding events co-ordinator. They will most likely already have seen most of the existing venues.  You will be able to draw a wealth of knowledge from her/him which can save you hours of wasted trips seeing one venue after the next only to find it is not suitable at all. 

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If you have a set date in mind and will not accept an alternative, first phone or email and make sure that the venue still has that day available before going to look at the venue. Check with them if they can accommodate the number of guests you are having that day.

1:  Is the venue available on your date?

2:   How many guests can they accommodate?

3:   Book an appointment. They most likely will not assist you should you just choose to turn up.

Things to take into account

Find out how many tables fit into the area – you do not want your tables squashed into an area which is too small.

If it is an issue – check wheelchair access & how easy would it be for elderly grandparents to get to the area where the reception / chapel is to be held

Do smokers have easy access to go outside to smoke.

Find out if there is extra costs involved to use their chapel. Some venues do have more than one reception area but may only have one chapel.

Get copies and prices of Menus that they have to offer.

If you want self catering ask if they allow this.  If they do, will they have a surcharge price – ask how much it is.

Get exact clarity as to what is included in the price of the venue and what the price is of any extra items you may need to use.

Some venues stipulate the amount of waiters / barmen you need to have for your function.  Get the rates if not included in your package. 

Discuss the exact times you need to have vacated the venue and what additional overtime charges you would need to pay if would like to stay for an additional hour or two. (The venue will give you an hourly rate for the venue and for barmen and waiters if they do allow you to overrun)

At some venues they will not allow you to use outside vendors for flowers, décor etc.  Confirm if this is the case.  If it is then it is advisable to get prices from these vendors and first make sure that they can provide you with the items and services that you  wish to have at your wedding.

Is there accommodation available there or close by for guest that are travelling long distances to your wedding, if so get prices. 

Does the venue have a bridal suite if you should require one.   If there is not is there a room available should the bride require a place to dress etc.

Always check the restroom facilities. It is important that they can accommodate your guest count and that they are clean.

Maybe you will require freezer facilities if you have decided on an ice-cream wedding cake.

If you are there at a time of a wedding set up don’t take for granted that items such as draping, lights etc will be there for your reception.  Ask which chairs and tables will be used at your wedding.

If there is not a wedding set up for that day ask to see venue photos, look at the pictures on the website.

Make sure that they will not be doing renovations during your wedding.  Some venues close for 1 month of the year for this but don’t be the bride to be caught with builder’s rubble lying around during your wedding.

Ask for the alcohol price list.  Find out if there is a corkage fee, if you are allowed to bring your drinks.

Ask where they normally position the DJ or band.  Ask about any restrictions there may be.  Some venues impose a fine if the music does not stop at the scheduled time.  Make sure you DJ understands this if it is the case.

Check that there is adequate and safe parking for your guests. If you intend using candles for table settings find out what the restrictions are. Some venues will not allow them, some insist that they must be drip free candles or must be inside a container

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