Choosing a Church or Chapel for your wedding

Church or chapel?

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to get married in a Church or if you prefer to use the Chapel. If you want the Chapel you need to find out if your Church Priest or Pastor is willing to do a service outside of the Church. Else you then need to hire a marriage officer. If you go with the Church there are a number of things to consider prior to booking your wedding there. The first thing you should ask is if the church is available for the day that you are planning your wedding, and co ordinate this with the booking of your wedding to make sure both are available on the same day.

Assuming your day is available and the church is not somewhere you regularly attend, then the second question to ask is whether there are special requirements for non-members of the church to marry at the church you’ve chosen. Obviously different faiths have different requirements and restrictions on who can marry in their place of worship. How ceremonies can be conducted and by whom. Some churches are strict and some are not so just ask and you will know.

Here are some other considerations and questions that you’ll want to find answers to.

–         Is there a rental fee/cost associated with using the church you have chosen?

–         Does the church require that you use their Priest/Minister/Pastor, or can you use your own?     

–         Does the church allow/limit decoration?

–         Is there a time limit for how long you are allowed to use the church?

–         Is the Church big enough to accommodate your guests?

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