Deciding on a Photographer

Things to help you when deciding on a photographer

Speak to Friends
Speak to recently married friends, and find out if they would recommend their photographer or if they were unhappy with something that you could then look out for. Friends can play a big role in deciding on a photographer.

See an Actual Album
Have a look at an actual complete album and not just the photographer’s portfolio which will only include the best photos of different weddings.

Find out if the package includes the negatives or cd with images on. Reprints for family members will be cheaper if you can do them yourself.

Allow friends and family to order prints directly though your photographer.

Black and White
Plain and simple, black-and-white photography is preferred for documenting emotional moments. The fewer colours your eyes have to process, the cleaner and easier an image is to absorb when viewing.

Behind the Scenes
Choose a photographer whom you feel extremely comfortable with and don’t mind inviting backstage. Some of the most beautiful wedding moments happen while the bride is dressing, while the family is waiting.

Don’t forget to have a seat at the reception for your photographer/videographer, they need to be catered for.

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