Choosing a DJ for your wedding

Choosing a DJ for your wedding day

Sometimes cheap is not better when choosing a DJ for your wedding. However it is important to remember that the music is what is going to set the mood. Go with someone that you know is good, either from hearing them before or recommendations from family and friends. Find out exactly what is included in the price. How much do they charge for overtime and travel. If you go for a band find out how often they take breaks and are they going to play other music while on break.

Whether you go for a DJ or a band let them know what you like and dislike. Remember that to also take the likes of the older guests into account. Play music that they will also get up and dance to. The noise levels of the music should also be something you should discuss with the DJ or band. You want the music loud enough but not so loud that the other guests can’t hear each other talk. Give them a list of songs you would like to include beforehand so that they can make sure that they have those songs there. Don’t assume that they have every song possible.

It is very important to confirm with the Church if they are supplying the music there or if you need to arrange this. Sometimes brides assume the church is supplying the music, but they aren’t. You do not want to walk down the isle with no music, so do not overlook this.

Make sure the DJ/Band Leader is given a copy of your order of events for the evening.  Discuss with him what music he should be playing at the different times like, cutting of the cake, throwing of the garter etc.  If they are professional they will also give you good advice as to what music works well where.  Listen to their advice but in the end, it has to suit you and the groom. 

Also let the DJ/Band know if you want the traditional garter and bouquet throwing as some have game ideas but they can take long so find out before hand what they suggest and how long it will take. Don’t forget to cater for your DJ/band

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